Raspberry Truffles

As I mentioned in one of my last posts I bought a cookbook with truffle recipes. During the last week I tried a few  of them. And today I will present you my first try. I decided to go for raspberry truffles as they perfectly fit the season. For me the hardest part was to understand how to make the shell. In the book they somehow expect you to just have pre made shells so I had to figure out how to make them. I explain it in the recipe. 
Now I feel like a proud chocolatier in the making and I am eager to try more recipes. Since most of my family and friends are on vacation I need to step back a little bit. Otherwise I would eat them all by myself and this wouldn’t be the best option in bikini season ;)
I am off for some reading time in the garden. It is supposed to be the hottest day of the year in Germany with 38 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!! Really important!!!!

Enjoy your sunny sunday, 
Raspberry Truffles
(makes 30 truffles)
For the filling
150 g white chocolate
90 g raspberries
20 g cream 

For the shells
250 g white chocolate coating


1. Coarsely chop the 250 g white chocolate coating for the truffle shells.
2. Melt 2/3 of the dark chocolate in a double boiler.
3. Remove pot from the cooktop.
4. Stir in the rest of the dark chocolate.
5. Fill the truffle molds completely with the liquid chocolate.
6. Remove the excess of chocolate with a scraper.
8. Tap the side of the truffle molds with the scraper so that the air bubbles rise.
9. Turn the truffles molds and tap on the back of the bottom side of the truffle molds so that most of the chocolate coating runs out of the molds (you will need this chocolate coating later on).
10. Again, remove the excess of chocolate with a scraper.
11. Put the truffle molds in the fridge.
12. Boil up the raspberries and the cream in a pan over medium heat for about 1 minute.
13. Coarsely chop the white chocolate.
14. Remove raspberry cream from cook pot.
15. Pour the liquid over the white chocolate.
16. Stir until the two ingredients are fully incorporated. 
17. Take the truffle molds out of the fridge.
18. Fill the truffle forms - still sitting in the molds - with the raspberry chocolate filling (you might want to use an icing bag). Make sure that you leave a 2-3 mm border. This will be the bottom of your truffle and it should be sufficiently thick. 
19. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
20. Heat up the rest of the chocolate coating that you used for the truffle shells earlier.
21. Pour the melted chocolate over the truffle molds so that all truffles are equally covered with chocolate. 
22. Remove the excess of chocolate with a scraper.  
23. Tap against the side of the truffle forms so that the air bubbles rise.
24. Put the truffle forms in the fridge for one or two hours before removing them from the molds.
Not too easy - but the first step to become a true chocolatier :)